Opiary is a biophilic design studio that combines nature and modern design in expressive and meaningful ways. Opiary creates unique additions to any indoor or outdoor space. 


We incorporate natural elements into every piece created, bringing live greenery and organic shapes into sleek highly crafted furniture, planters and sculpture.


The made-to-order program offers clients an expansive range of possibilities, including custom colors, sizes and finishes for our sculptures. We work with our clients to create unique, one-of-a-kind, products to best suit their desires.

Every piece we create meets our uncompromising standards for quality assurance and excellence — proving that functionality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand.


In 1996, Yale trained sculptor Robert Remer began creating a body of sculptural explorations with the goal of breaking down the barriers between biological Nature and technological culture. 


in 2012, he expanded his sculpture practice and pioneering in the biophilic design movement to include Opiary as a green design lab and production studio.  



opiary operates within the parameters of industrial design, architecture, landscape, and fine art and is dedicated to bringing people and nature together in inventive ways. 


all opiary designs are hand crafted from recyclable and natural materials by artists and craftspeople at opiary studios in Brooklyn, NY.